New Reporting : Traffic Analysis and Trending


Traffic Analysis

Our traffic analysis makes staffing information and report generation simple. Select a specific day of the past, and Lobby6 will automatically compile you a report of the last 4 weeks for that specific day and generate a per location report to view instantly.

Easily view average wait times, total check ins and an hour by hour breakdown to easily compare dates and make accurate staffing choices for the future.











Trending Report

The trending report uses the last 30 days of data to generate trending metrics. Based on the of fluctuation of products and results.


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Internal Private Messaging


Our newest and most requested feature for the platform has now arrived!

You can now send both direct 1 to 1 private messages to other members of your Credit Union as well as use the internal chat room. We encrypt the entire conversation and keep backups of all conversations that are available upon request (for audits).

We also added a “Global Chat Room” for your Credit Union that can be used by all employees at the same time!

We look forward to hearing what you think about these new features!

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Robust Reporting with Lobby6


Our newest Lobby6 release has our most advanced searching and reporting features to date!

We’ve completely started from scratch this time around and it’s allowed us to provide the most robust and responsive searching and reporting ever.

Some of the reporting features include:
Unlimited Date Range Reporting
Filterable per Product, Reason, Name, and even Note Snippets
Exportable to CSV, XLS and PDFs
Interactive charting.

And much more!


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The new Launch!


The Monetary Labs Team here! We are very proud and excited to bring to the world our newest iteration of  enterprise level Credit Union technologies.

We’ve worked for years as Credit Union insiders, “fixers” and general software vendors for all sorts of solutions. Now we’ve begun to combine some of our solutions into one centralized hub.

So here it is! Feel free to Sign Up for our no risk 30 day trial!

But these two products we’re launching aren’t everything! We are working on multiple new products that we anticipate launching in the coming months. If you’re interested in beta testing information on software being developed, please contact

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