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The drive to make a positive difference in the financial industry is what keeps us together. When our forces combine we know we will make a powerful impact for all of our clients.

Brett Wooden - Founder

Brett Wooden is committed to lead businesses into the “Post PC Era” by establishing relevance through sales and mobile strategies.

Brett has been in the financial industry for nearly 20 years. Throughout his career he’s held positions as a teller, personal banker, branch manager, market development consultant, business development officer, business development manager, SVP of marketing and IT, and chief retail officer. While at a credit union in the Northwest, he developed a reputation for using technology to attract new members. He made national trade news when he started using his iPad—a Father’s Day gift from his family—to make “field visits” to the offices of busy professionals who wanted to open accounts but did not have time to do so in person. This technology helps members join, update accounts and use other services conveniently. His idea is being replicated in credit unions across the nation.

Brett thrives on helping others embrace and utilize new member engagement strategies in today’s changing world. He is a frequent speaker around the country at Credit Union League and Technology Conferences. Brett was also named the NW Credit Union Association’s Young Credit Union Professional of the Year and The Credit Union Times’ 40 and Under Trailblazer for setting a national trend using tablet technology to take financial services into the field.

Brett earned a BA in Marketing and Management from the School of Business at Portland State University. He currently lives outside of Portland, Oregon and works as the Chief Retail Officer at Providence Federal Credit Union. Brett is a member of the CU Speakers bureau and serves as a member of the faculty team at the Southwest CUNA Management School (SCMS).

When you spend time with Brett you will see that his passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

Corlinda Wooden - Founder

Corlinda Wooden is a passionate leader of the credit union movement whose driving motivation is to make an impact through offering growth and empowerment with everyone she interacts with. She specializes in facilitating sales and service curriculum, leadership development and pushing innovative approaches to drive bottom line results.

In addition to her work with Monetary Labs, Corlinda is the co-founder for Wooden Consulting, LLC, helping credit unions innovate, execute and achieve their business goals. Wooden Consulting offers an array of speaking, training and consulting services in the following areas: Leadership Development, Sales and Service Culture, Business Development and Mobile Strategy. Corlinda is also the project manager for the Financial Empowerment Incubator at the Filene Research Institute. Corlinda was among the top 15 credit union professionals for CUES’ Next Top Credit Union Executive Competition where she shared her strategies regarding the future of the branching model in the credit union industry. Additionally, she was named one of Credit Union Magazine’s CU Movement Rock Stars for her leadership in driving a successful sales and service culture amongst the 80+ employees she managed.

Corlinda has been in the financial industry for 20 plus years and throughout her career she’s held all of the branch level positions as well as been a corporate trainer, sales and development consultant, and a director of branch services. In this time Corlinda has developed a reputation for being a key player in the credit union movement. Corlinda earned a BA in Management and Information Systems and Qualitative Analysis from the School of Business at Portland State University. She currently lives outside of Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children.

Mike Bundy - Founder | Development Director

Mike Bundy has been a professional cross-platform software developer for nearly twenty years. He founded his first web development company when he was sixteen, and has been advancing his skill set ever since. His passion for software development and finding creative solutions to problems boils over into all aspects of his life.

As a founder of SideResult Software Mike serves as the lead developer and software project manager. His ability to visualize and execute development is essential in the infancy of a project. Mike is heavily involved during the brainstorming and workflow steps. Conceptualizing what each project needs to become in order to be successful is vital to ensure that the correct first steps are taken in the the creation of ground-breaking software. When a road map is not necessarily available, Mike helps find one by touching and interacting directly with a wealth of new ideas and established techniques to follow.

Josh Mosbrucker - Founder | Design Director

With over sixteen years of experience, Josh Mosbrucker has a true sense of design. With a strong background in industrial fabrication and graphic design, manual dexterity and a keen eye for precision are the building blocks of Josh's expertise. Not limited to traditional views of form and function, Josh constantly pushes to stretch boundaries and find exciting new creative direction. This thirst for forward momentum has led him to expand into print media, layout design, user interface, 3D modeling, and front-end web development.

As a founder of SideResult Software Josh serves as lead designer and creative director. He approaches each project with a keen eye for detail, presenting the product in the way that best fits the image and direction of each client. The fast-paced and ever-expanding canvas of life is a testament to Josh's creative ethos: plant your flag firmly if you want to disrupt an entire industry.

Mike Tierney - Director of Sales and Client Support

Mike has worked in the financial services sector for more than twenty years, serving in credit card operations, retail branch operations and most recently over the past several years, directing the online banking platform and product development channel at Unitus Community Credit Union. In that role, Mike was responsible for ensuring that products and services align with the credit union’s commitment to providing quality and relevant financial support to their members. Mike and his team were tasked to define, develop and launch deposit, online and mobile banking products and services to deliver value to new and existing members and support credit union staff and key stakeholders to increase product penetration rates, enhance product performance and continue to develop and improve the internal systems critical to member service and product delivery.

In addition to his work with Monetary Labs, Mike is a program manager for Wooden Consulting, currently collaborating on a pilot program designed to assist credit unions and other community based financial institutions implement on a larger scale the Employer Sponsored Small Dollar Loan (ESSDL) program created by NorthCountry Credit Union in Burlington, Vermont. The ESSDL is designed to provide borrowers with an alternative to high cost payday loans, allowing them to build or repair their credit and begin to save. Mike is an animated and fervent supporter of the credit union movement and financial literacy. During his free time, he can often be found volunteering in local schools as a financial literacy instructor for the Financial Beginnings organization. Financial Beginnings is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing accessible and unbiased financial education to both children and adults, educating over 50,000 individuals annually in Oregon and Washington. Mike earned a BA in English and Communications from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two children.

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